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Not only do we have the equipment but also the man power with years of experience to get the job done. Our trucks begin rolling when your ready at a moments notice. 

We specialize in everything from copper to fiber optic line installation. Of course safety is our number one concern on the job as well, which is why all our crews go through a continuous safety course before even rolling up on the job.


Fiber Optic Installation

Our crews are well trained on fiber optic line installation; however we understand that certain companies may have their own specs. Our crews can adapt to any situation.


Coaxial Cable Installation

A lot of technology is changing over to fiber optic including cable tv. Of course there are areas that still stick to coax which is why are crews are trained and have years experience with coaxial cable as well.


Copper Telephone Lines

Although fiber optic installation is taking over even copper there are still areas that may still be using copper. Our crews are well trained in this type of installation as well.


Installation & Repair

The medium is going to eventually change over to fiber optic, but thats not to say that copper will fade anytime soon. This is why we also have crews that can perform installation and repair of copper telephone lines as well.

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

We started back in 2004 doing installation and repair of copper telephone technology before moving into fiber optic line installation. That being said we have had the opportunity to work with such companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Bear Communications, Claro, MasTec, and several other mall bells and prime contractors over the years. 

Our fleet , crews, and experience have grown to meet the needs of the telecommunications construction industry within that time. All of our work consist of aerial construction installation, fiber optic splicing, installation and repair of copper telephone lines, and more. 

We look forward to working with you in meeting the needs of your clients. Its an every growing field and we look forward to building the future together.

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

Hurricane Maria

We helped clean up after Hurriance Maria down in Puerto Rico working along side Claro, the telephone company of Puerto Rico. Getting them back in service was our priviledge. 

Panama City Beach

We where there for the repair efforts as well. Getting everybody including emergency services back up and running. Picking everything up and getting it back in working order is our business.


We are all about safety for both our crews and the clients we serve thoughout all communities. All our crews are well versed in what equipment and actions that are taken to continue with an incident free record. Raygada Communications is commited to continuous improvment in the safety of our crews and communities we serve in a zero injury goal mindset.

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